03 Apr, 10:00 – 14:30
Coleg Cambria- Yale Building,
Grove Park Rd, Wrexham LL12 7AB, UK

Any queries please contact parkinsonsinthemarches@gmail.com


Parkinson's and Life

The day seminar is aimed at those affected by Parkinson's, no matter where they are on their Parkinson's journey in the North Shropshire, Wrexham & Montgomeryshire areas.
It will be an opportunity to hear from others experiences, listen to a variety of speakers in the field.


Dancing for Parkinson's


About Us


It is close to a year ago that Elaine Payne and Simon Jackson hatched the idea of forming a small charity to help people with Parkinson’s in the local area. Simon had been approached by the Committee of the Trefonen Hill Walk weekend, a well-known annual charity fund-raising event, to say they had nominated Parkinson’s as a beneficiary for their 2020 weekend but were keen to see the funds raised benefitting people in the area if possible. 

Then three runners, Alicia Shepherd, Nick Blake and Tony Pepper pledged to try and raise £2,021 in 2021 for Parkinson’s and also wanted it to benefit local people. 
Elaine and Simon felt that money raised could benefit people in the Marches area and set up a group, Parkinson’s in the Marches whose aim is to raise funds to  be used to improve the quality of life for those with the condition in the areas of Wrexham Borough, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and Montgomeryshire. 
A constitution has been adopted and a small committee has been set up to get the charity moving.

The Hill Walk had to be cancelled in 2020 but eventually took place in August this year and raised a fantastic £4,000. The runners have not only managed to run twice the number of miles they aimed for but have now raised more than their target of £2,021. In addition, Simon has now pledged that all proceeds from the continuing sales of his book ‘Walking from Home’ written in response to his diagnosis with Parkinson’s in 2016 would go to PIMs. Taking all fund raising together, over £8,000 will have been raised for PIMs since the charity was formed.

In August this year a one-day event was held at the Wynnstay Hotel in Oswestry which was attended by 35 people on the Parkinson’s journey and their carer/companions. It was free to attend as PIMs were able to meet all the costs from funds raised. It was a great success with many people saying how much they benefitted from learning more about the subjects covered and also the chance to share experiences with others living with, or caring for, those with Parkinson’s
More recently, PIMs has made a grant to an individual with Parkinson’s faced with a move to a new property to buy essential furniture and white goods. Also they are making a contribution towards the costs of a ‘Dance for Parkinson’ course taking place weekly, during term times, at Coleg Cambria in Wrexham. The aim of the course is to help with motor difficulties faced by those with Parkinson’s.

Plans are already being made for fund-raising into 2022. It is hoped that the baton can be passed to new runners to run 2,022 miles in 2022.  
Rydycroesau Pantomime Committee have generously agreed to make PIMs the beneficiary of their charity evening in 2022.
Simon is hoping to publish a volume of poems in 2022 and all proceeds from that will go to PIMs.
The committee will continue looking at other ideas.


It is only now that all the funds raised so far have reached PIMs and ideas for using these funds can be pursued with confidence. Among the ideas so far are

i)        Making further grants to individuals with Parkinson’s with financial difficulties.

ii)       Making grants to Parkinson' groups within the area of benefit to allow them to fund group activities to benefit their members.

iii)      Offering financial support to people making Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure their personal and health affairs are clearly recorded if they reach a position where they can no longer make decisions themselves. 

iv)      Making contributions towards the costs of locally based Parkinson’s research projects.

          Whilst the committee believe there is a demand for funding in the local area, the constitution provides that any surplus funds must be donated to another Parkinson’s charity. For more information, see our  Facebook page.

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Funding available

Parkinson’s in the Marches (PIMs) has now been active for the best part of a year. It was formed in response to fund-raising by individuals and groups in the Oswestry area with the specific aim of benefitting people with Parkinson’s in the local area.
One of our aims is to offer financial support to Parkinson’s groups in the areas of Flintshire Wrexham, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and Montgomeryshire.
We are now able to offer grants of a maximum of £500 towards any activity by your group that will improve the quality of life of your members.
This might be towards the cost of a group activity such as physiotherapy, exercise or yoga. Alternatively, it might be a social activity such as a group outing or holiday.



Some of what to expect

Here we will be adding information on our speakers
as details are finalised nearer the date.

If you would be interested in applying for a grant please send us an email to the address above, setting out your proposed activity and how it will benefit members of your group. 
This will then be considered at the next committee meeting of PIMs and if approved a grant will be available for some or all of the sum you have requested.
The decision whether to make a grant is at the discretion of the committee.

PIMs also offers grants of up to £250 to individuals having Parkinson’s who are experiencing financial hardship and need support to deal with any defined financial need. If you know of anyone in this situation they can contact the PIMs committee in the same way.
If you have any queries you would like to discuss please call Elaine on 07984 596797