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02 Apr 2023, 10:00 – 14:00
Moreton Hall School,
Weston Rhyn, Oswestry SY11 3EW, UK

Any queries please contact

Telephone 07984596797


Parkinson's and Life

The day seminar is aimed at those affected by Parkinson's in the North Shropshire, Wrexham & Montgomeryshire areas.
It will be an opportunity to hear from others' experiences and listen to a variety of speakers in the field.

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Parkinson's in the Marches Update October 2022

It has been a while since we had an update on PIMS and its activities.

Parkinson's and Life Seminar 2nd April 2023


We are delighted to announce that another seminar has been arranged for Sunday 2nd April next year at Moreton School in Weston Rhyn, near Oswestry. Attendance is free.

So many people who came to our first event in August 2021 said how much they got out of that day, from the speakers but also having the chance to share experiences with others affected by Parkinson's.

The Long View

It has taken a while but Simon Jackson's collection of poems will be published by the end of this month. The collection delves more deeply into the themes of "Walking from home" of nature and the landscape. It has wonderful illustrations from Sally Lewis and has been designed and typset by John Neilson.

The plan is to hold a series of events in the area when people can come along and buy a signed copy. Proceeds will all go to PIMS.

Charco Neurotech

Back in early 2022, Elaine arranged a visit from Charco Neurotech who are developing a wearable device that delivers vibrotactile stimulation that will help to counteract some of the physical symptoms of Parkinson's such as slow movements and tremors.

PIMS has agreed to fund the purchase of these devices for 17 local people with Parkinson's. We have just heard that the first of these devices is now ready and a representative of the Company will be coming up to fit the device.

Pilates classes

PIMS has agreed to fund a year of Pilates classes for the friends of Parkies group in Oswestry. This will involve four live sessions together with a monthly video session for members to follow at home. PIMS is also in discussion with the Parkinson's group in Bridgnorth about funding Pilates classes for a year for them.


PIMS has been able to make grants to two individuals in the last year, one of them to help fund a respite holiday for a person with Parkinson's and their carer.

Powers of Attorney

PIMS is looking at the possibility of working with local Solicitors to encourage and financially support people looking to prepare lasting Powers of Attorney in relation to their financial and welfare needs if they reach a situation where they can no longer look after their own affairs.




Funding available

Parkinson’s in the Marches (PIMs) has now been active for the best part of two years. It was formed in response to fund-raising by individuals and groups in the Oswestry area with the specific aim of benefitting people with Parkinson’s in the local area.
One of our aims is to offer financial support to Parkinson’s groups in the areas of Flintshire Wrexham, Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and Montgomeryshire.
We are now able to offer grants of a maximum of £500 towards any activity by your group that will improve the quality of life of your members.
This might be towards the cost of a group activity such as physiotherapy, exercise or yoga. Alternatively, it might be a social activity such as a group outing or holiday.


If you would be interested in applying for a grant please send us an email to the address above, setting out your proposed activity and how it will benefit members of your group. 
This will then be considered at the next committee meeting of PIMs and if approved a grant will be available for some or all of the sum you have requested.
The decision whether to make a grant is at the discretion of the committee.

PIMs also offers grants of up to £250 to individuals having Parkinson’s who are experiencing financial hardship and need support to deal with any defined financial need. If you know of anyone in this situation they can contact the PIMs committee in the same way.
If you have any queries you would like to discuss please call Elaine on 07984 596797 


Guest  speakers 

Confirmed speakers for the Seminar on 2nd April

10.05 Attainability-Demonstration of mobility aids


10.15- Ledia Alushi- Physio, Dept of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge.

10.45 Jamie and Michael Jenkins- Voice and movement maestros.

11.15 BREAK

11.30 Louise Idoux- Nutritionist

12.00 Charco Neurotec & Cue1

12.45 LUNCH

13.15 Marie Haywood- Parkinson's Nurse

13.45 Hatchers Solicitors - Power of Attorney

14.15 Gaynor Edwards- Young Onset PD

Lunch and refreshments included.

For more information contact:

Tel: 07760 685447


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